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Our hands-on, personal approach to business leads to client success...That's what sets us apart.

At Sunshine Sales, we pride ourselves on the close relationships we build with our clients. Our personal contact gives us the edge over our competitors. By embracing our clients as business partners, we better understand their needs and dreams. Our team—from sales to service—is dedicated to customer service, success and growth.

Faithfully serving the needs of Arizona and New Mexico for almost 40 years, Sunshine Sales provides its customers the full-service convenience of laundry design, site selection, parts, equipment, service, marketing and more.

Owned and operated by Bob Ropp since 1972, Sunshine Sales is a full-service distributor dedicated to providing our customers with great products and unmatched service. We strive everyday to better ourselves through employee and customer satisfaction.

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    Our News page provides information about Sunshine Sales use by media, clients, partners and more. View recent or archived press releases and news coverage of Sunshine Sales. For questions regarding Sunshine Sales, to schedule an interview with a member of our team, or to share news, please contact Bob Ropp at (800) 789-6412.

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    New release:
    high-speed G-Flex Washer-Extractors

    Continental releases new high-speed G-Flex Washer-Extractors for on-premise laundries

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Sales customers can feel good knowing that the laundry products they purchase are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner to conserve the Earth's natural resources and to create less waste. When customers purchase Continental products for their energy-efficiency, durability and quality they are taking environmentalism a step further by supporting a company that works to manufacture them in a way that is less harmful, produces less waste and uses fewer resources. Continental Girbau products are ISO14001-certified.

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