Sports Laundry Equipment

  • Sports Laundy Systems Washer-Extractor


    The Sports Laundry Washer-Extractor delivers unrivaled programmability for total control over every phase of the wash process—ensuring everything from socks to towels and jerseys are properly cleaned every time. Procuding extract speeds of up to 387 G-force, increasing the amount of water removed from every load. In turn, uniforms, warm-ups and towels dry more quickly. Not only do dryers run less often and fabrics experience less heat and mechanical wear – enhancing longevity – athletic facilities save natural gas and electricity.

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  • Sports Laundry Systems Ozone Tower

    Ozone Disinfection

    With the Sports Laundry System, ozone is injected into the wash cycle at precisely the right time and water temperature. Ozone is a powerful and safe cleaning agent naturally produced in our atmosphere that disinfects laundry using mostly cool water. That’s why the Sports Laundry System eradicates 99.9 percent of all superbugs, including MRSA, often found in soiled athletic laundry. Contaminated laundry must be cleaned and disinfected quickly to ensure infection doesn’t spread.

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  • Sports Laundry Systems Drying Tumbler

    Drying Tumbler

    Sized to fit your laundry’s productivity needs, these dryers come in a variety of capacities—delivering a quick and even dry using a highly advanced control and properly balanced airflow. They are available in single-pocket and stacked models. The Sports Laundry System drying tumbler also contains a moisture sensing system. This is critical for the proper drying of delicate jerseys and uniforms—ensuring they are not over-dried or damaged.

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