Sports Laundry Systems

Sports Laundry SystemsLaundry is an everyday job in athletics, and it’s an important part of the health and safety of the team, training staff and coaches. When players arrive to practices, they change into their practice gear – their work clothes – and then they go work hard. Clean and disinfected laundry is important for them to properly do their jobs.

Durable for Years of Operation

Sports Laundry Systems are engineered for durability, long-life and ease-of-use to deliver years of trouble-free operation. No wonder Sports Laundry Systems backs its products with warranties that are among the best in the industry!

Simple to use

Once programmed, the system automatically combines the correct detergents and ozone with the right water temperature, extract speed, mechanical action and water levels. Just load the washer, select a program number and press start.

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Washer-Extractors Ozone Disinfection Drying Tumbler

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